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Ficoinsa/Crediexpress began operations in 2009. Established first as a for-profit microfinance organization with the mission to provide a variety of financial services to the microenterprise sector, initially taking small loans with rates oscillated between 25 and 150 dollars. Over the years, Crediexpress has come to serve segments of entrepreneurs...
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Our       Commitment

We seek not only meet the immediate cash needs of our customers, but we also care about their health and life planning. That's why we offer different kinds of micro-insurance...
Latest Testimonials
I have 3 years working with Crediexpress and since then I’ve received great support for the growth of my business. Now...
Crediexpress News
Coming soon will be available relevant news about Crediexpress of great interest to you and your business...
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Our Services

We lend to micro, small and medium businesses. We provide loans to businesses dedicated to commercial sales or supplying of services. We Grant a working capital that gives them greater capacity...
  pic_frontpage1a Latest Testimonials
I sell food, drinks and a little bit of everything. I have 3 years working with Crediexpress. During this time I’ve been able...
Latest Testimonials
I sell used clothes. I have two years working with Crediexpress and since then my customer base has significantly grown...
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  • If you’re a leading professional and you’re committed to excellence, send us your updated resume to info@crediexpress.com.ni and apply for a job in Crediexpress.
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